Purchased a dental prosthetic device, Smile Transitions, through my family dentist. The device, meant to replicate real teeth, is used to cover broken, discolored, or misaligned teeth, fitting directly over existing teeth. Now I learn it can only be worn for a few hours a day - must be removed when eating. Is used primarily during social occasions, or for professional photo sessions. It has limited use, limited function.

And to make matters worse, the device looks like 'stage teeth', resembling teeth one would find as part of a Halloween costume! Manufactured by Glidewell Labs - introduced earlier this year. I would not recommend this device unless the individual is in show business, or in the public forum. It is not meant for retirees or middle class Americans!

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I love mine!


I just got mine and I absolutely love them. The price was $269 each (for upper & lower) and I am more than thrilled.

If you choose a more natural shade than the really REALLY white ones, they do not resemble stage teeth at all.

I have found I can eat with them (while out with friends,etc; however, I take very small bites and chew slowly and carefully. I am very pleased with the end result.

to martiscats Valley Springs, California, United States #994328

Is this a real comment..because I hope mine look good,,just ordered mine..only 2 weeks and I will see what they are like. Do you have a pic to show me how they look?


Why can't someone tell me how much this horrible thing costs. I paid $1000 for a joke but I can't find out any thing.


What in the world did you expect! You were clearly doing it on the cheap.

You get what you pay for in dentistry. Smile Transitions and its competitor, Snap-on-Smiles, are not intended as a permanent long term substitute for porcelain crowns/veneers.


I just ordered mine in and I'm absolutely stoked! I do a lot of video training over the internet and this is amazing.


I have these and I do not find that to be the case at all!!

I'm thrilled with the "fake teeth" my own teeth are so worn down from grinding them that these make me feel so much better more like my old self my old smile I'm always told how pretty my smile is!

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